When Best Selling Authors Start Talking About Building Lists…

Email marketing and building a mailing list isn’t a new revelation for anyone in business. Savvy marketers and business people understand the importance of long term email marketing and relationship building. And while opportunities come and go like the wind, something as effective and important as email marketing gets over looked for the latest and great ‘way to communicate’.

I found two best selling authors that recently have been commenting and writing about how important it is to build your mailing lists…

The first was from Jon Acuff, author of the popular best sellers Do Over, Start and the upcoming Finish. Here’s what he had to say a few days ago on his Facebook wall…

email marketing

Imagine that….

Next was a book I recently read by Ryan Holiday, best selling author of The Obstacle Is The Way and Ego Is The Enemy. This was from his recently released book Perennial Seller. Here’s a snap shot of how feels about building your mailing lists…

email marketing

So we have just 2 quick examples of best selling authors, that not only understand the massive power of email marketing, but are telling their readers and followers that it’s critical to your success.

Obviously…We agree 🙂

And for good reason. Programs come and go. Platforms can come and disappear or change their terms in a heart beat, however what stays the course….Week after week, month after month and year after year.

Your email and customer list!

When you add a subscriber to your RocketResponder account, it’s yours!

You have full access to export that list at anytime so you always have those contacts. That is so important to remember because as long as you are growing your relationships with those lists, it won’t matter what happens in your industry, business opportunity or social platform of choice…Your list is there…Forever!

It truly is your greatest asset in online business and you owe it to yourself now to start building those relationships through email marketing.

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