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Enterprising Entertainment: Promoting Your Company With Online Videos

Every investment your company makes has risks, and marketing is no exception. Whenever you pay for new advertising space or content, you take the risk that viewers won’t understand or like what you publish. To minimize the chance of a negative or lukewarm reaction, incorporate corporate videos into your marketing strategy.

Videos keep viewers attention, humanize your company, and let you explain complex concepts in simple terms:

Amiable Animations

Animation is the ideal tool for providing brief, easy-to-understand introductions to prospective customers. Since introductory videos target viewers who have never bought from your company before, and may not have any prior interest in your products, they must be brief, concise, and entertaining. Animations allow you to achieve all of these goals with ease. By synching a voiceover description of your company with illustrations, tables, and graphs, you can provide context and specific details without lengthening the voiceover.

Animations also allow you to incorporate funny or fascinating visuals to entertain viewers. As long as those visuals relate to your company, such animations will both entertain and educate, ensuring that viewers will remember your company positively.

Entertaining Explanations

Animated videos are great for introducing your company’s general services, but when it comes to explaining more specific processes, animation is too expensive and time consuming to perform regularly. Many companies instead use written entries on their websites, and while this can be an effective method, there are limits to relying on a single medium of expression. Supplementing written content with live videos allows you to incorporate music, text, visuals, and occasional animations for a more varied experience.

By including interviews with the employees responsible for each process, video documentation of the services they perform, and music or interesting voiceovers in the background, you can explain each company service in an engaging, enjoyable manner.

The Virtues of Vlogging

Besides explaining company services, you can generate further interest in your business by keeping a regular vlog. Like written content marketing, vlogs bring in new customers who previously had no interest in your product. Unlike written content, however, vlogs are easier to plan. If one of your employees is good at ad-libbing, you can make entertaining vlogs on a regular basis with minimal effort and no prior planning.

Viewers are also less likely to notice grammar mistakes in vlogs, and spelling mistakes don’t apply, meaning you won’t have to spend as much time editing them. As long as the vlogs remain on topics related to your company and avoid offensive material, they’re sure to bring you positive publicity.

Event Highlights

Every time your company has a party, attends a convention, or takes part in some other event, film the event and compile the highlights into a video. By including funny and heartwarming moments, you’ll associate your company with a positive, human image. This will make customers more willing to trust you and remain loyal Just make sure everyone you film consents to appearing in a company video.

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