Email Automation

What is Email Automation?

A brief explanation of email automation and how it works for you.

Although emails are an excellent method of communication, they can be hard to follow up on when handled individually. However, methods such as email automation have been created to make such a process possible at the hit of a button. With this being said, here’s a look at email automation works and benefits it can provide to you and your business.

How Email Automation Works

The process of how email automation works is that it enables marketers to send out emails to customers as designated times. As the methods of emailing every individual are far too time consuming when it comes marketing, email automation makes a mass email possible at the touch of a button. In addition to this, email automation allows specific emails to be sent after a customer makes a specific action. Although email automation sounds robotic, it opens doors of communication that can easily make interaction much more personable… without exhausting a customer service staff.

What Email Automation Offers

Email automation offers a lot of perks with very few downfalls. Here’s a look at what email automation can offer for your company:

  • Overall Effectiveness – With over ninety-percent of the United States population using their email on a daily basis, email automation is one of the most effective and reliable routes to pursue in marketing for many businesses. Making the average value of an order at least seventeen percent higher, emails make it three times as likely to prompt and drive a sale.
  • Less Costly – Between hours sending individually and response of emails, email automation is the way to go. An interesting fact is that eighty percent of direct mail budgets can be saved by event triggering your emails.
  • Consistency – Email automation allows you to convey a much more smooth message to your recipients, which results in higher response.
  • Retention & Engagement – With such an easy and quick way of contacting customers, it makes sending out more notifications that much more simple.
  • Target Demographics – Email automation allows your company to target specific gender and age groups so that messages can fit the customer appropriately.
  • Metric Analysis – Figuring out what automated emails work best for your company can easily be deciphered with metric analysis.

As these are only a few of the wonderful perks that email automation can provide, there’s still the question of whether or not email automation can work for your business.

Email Automation & Your Service

As the uses for email automation have many options, choosing whether your campaign is complex or simple is entirely up to you. Here’s a look at how some businesses utilize email automation for their own service:

  • Email Lists – This is the easiest way to gain followers and keep in touch with people interested in your brand. Being a fail-proof concept, this can also give you an idea of what inventory to push and what product/service you distribute that people enjoy the most.
  • Series of Emails – Tutorials or tips are a great way to keep a customer interested in your product. Breaking the information into a series semi-daily/weekly emails keeps them interested and wanting to know more.
  • Purchase Confirmation – These work wonders post-purchase. It not only lets the customer know you’re grateful for their service, but you can utilize it to let them know about other products that may interest them.

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