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How Email Marketing Positions Your Company to Be an Industry Leader

Email marketing. It’s a term tossed to and fro by the elites in any given industry. Many pros profess that email marketing is the cornerstone of your small business’ marketing strategy. But, how? How can you leverage email marketing to help you become an industry leader?

By giving your customers what they need, when they need it.

Drop Your Apprehensions and Sell Value
As a consumer, you are all too familiar with constant emails from big box brands, at all times of the night. You too, get the reminders about leaving a review or the reminder that something remains in your shopping cart. These emails are annoying and lack value. Fortunately, annoying your customers won’t sell your product. So, you don’t have to worry about that. Instead, email them something of value each time you communicate with them.

When you create value, you distinguish your business from your competition. You offer your customers a real reason to continue to purchase your products. In turn, your emails aren’t a nuisance. Your client list doesn’t simply delete your emails. Instead, they anxiously read every word you put together because they realize there is something in it for them.

Nudge Your Clients, Strategically
The timing for emailing your clients is a fine art. If you email them too much, you lose and if you email them too little you lose as well. So, where’s the sweet spot? The truth is, it varies. One of the best ways to become an industry leader and have your clients actually read your email and soak in all that you have to say is by tracking your subscribers. You have to see what works.

If you don’t have time to do a thorough assessment, utilize automated email marketing tools like RocketResponder and extrapolate data based on subscriber behaviors. Armed with this information, you can email your clients at the most opportune times, which helps you solidify your position as an industry leader.

Always Be Selling
With email marketing, everything matters. From the placement of your pictures to the links that you include in the body of your email, you must always guide your clients exactly where you want them to go. So, if you want them to download your new white paper, establish a visible and easily discernible flow to your email that leads them to a download button. As a small business owner, you know you can never take anything for granted if you want to succeed. The same premise holds true when it comes to email marketing.

By leveraging your knowledge and experience, you can effectively use email marketing to position your company as an industry leader. When you use your creative genius to create value-driven emails that are timely and deliberate, you can easily grow your subscriber list. With more subscribers and an effective email strategy, positioning your company as an industry leader couldn’t be easier.

Justin Ledvina

CEO & Co-Founder of RocketResponder. Serial entrepreneur with an extreme passion for small business growth.

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