A Quick Tip That Helps You Get More Action With Every Email Broadcast

Here’s a simple tip that helped us get higher click through rates and action takers on every broadcast we sent. And while it may seem like a no-brainer for more experienced email marketers it’s a good reminder for everyone to keep things simple and straightforward in your broadcasts.

Part of getting more action takers on every email you send is to keep things formatted for maximum results. You can do this by this simple technique, keeping your links in the email copy at a minimum.

For example, you do not want 10 different links pointing to 10 different websites in your copy.

So keep it simple!

A good rule of thumb is to keep links to a maximum of 3. Now this is NOT gospel and obviously different emails call for different formatting.

However in testing over the past few years and millions upon millions of emails sent, we have found that when you keep the links in your email copy to a maximum of 3, you get more conversions and click throughs.

Note: Now again, different targets and goals for an email campaign will change the amount you set for your business and needs so this is just a suggestion, not a rule.

Another thing to remember about adding 3 links in an email is to not send them to 3 different web sites. Keep things simple and straightforward.

Your copy should flow and naturally lead your readers to the links. And when you send them here, there and everywhere, you just start to confuse your readers.

Remember, the simpler you make your emails, the better.

Want to add graphics?

That’s even better but again the same suggestions apply.

Less is so much more when it comes to this technique.

Try it, test it and see if it improves your conversions and open rates! We’d love to hear about your results, please do share them below 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Quick Tip That Helps You Get More Action With Every Email Broadcast

  1. 110% agree. Other than you main links, login, customer support etc.. which are normally kept separate from the body of you email, 3 is more than enough. Any more than that and its like “where do you want me to go exactly?” Too much rubbish, DELETE.

    1. Thanks for the comments man, much appreciated. Yeah it takes some humbling on our part as marketers, to keep things simple. We dont need to put thousands of links everywhere just because we can.

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