Why Email Marketing Services Will Give Your Membership Site A Boost

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Top Tips. Did you know that email marketing services (something called mass mailing or mass emailing services) can really give your membership sites a massive boost?

In fact using mass mailing – always with permission to do so – is a really very powerful way to get so much more out of a membership site.

When we are talking about a membership site here, we mean any type of website where people typically pay to gain access to all or part of the site. There are also membership sites where people can join for free and others where there is no free element and all members are paid members.

Regardless of the exact type of site in question, they all have one thing in common and that is that using email marketing services – such as an autoresponder like RocketResponder – can dramatically boost activity.

Most people understand that sending out email newsletters to subscribers is powerful but not everyone takes the time to do so. There may be a feeling that it is too complicated, or to much like hard work or just too time consuming to set up and manage.

RocketResponder was set up to remove all these obstacles so that sending out a newsletter was just about as simple as sending an email to your friends. Now, if you own or manage any type of membership site,  there is no excuse any more not to use the power of email to get more traffic and activity for very little effort indeed.

Convert free members into paid members

Do you have a mixture of free and paid members? Then use the followup email feature to encourage your paid members to convert into paid members.

The followup series – typically delivered over a few days or weeks – will point out all the advantages of moving over to the paid option and this can be amazingly effective at doing so without the need for any ‘hard sell’ at all.

People generally hate missing out on things…it is just human nature. So why not remind them that while their free membership is good, there is so much more that they are missing out on by not taking advantage of your paid membership level or levels.

Another cool thing is that the RocketResponder API will automatically unsubscribe them from the free list the moment they upgrade.

This means that they won’t get any more ‘upgrade now’ type messages and instead can get more targeted emails to suit their needs, such as tips on how to get the most our of the paid memership features they have signed up for.

Remember that this can be used in any kind of membership site, especially when there is a free trial or a free tier involved.

Finally everyone on your email list will have given you permission to contact them, and confirmed their email address, so that this form of mass mailing (mass emailing) is certainly not spam.

We very strongly believe that nobody should get emailed from a business without permission and as long as email marketers follow that rule then they should not go far wrong.

Patrick Griffin

Patrick Griffin has been marketing online for 15 years. He's a serial entrepreneur and an avid email and content marketing enthusiast with a background in publishing and journalism, including a UK Press Award.

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