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4 Reasons Why You Need White Label Email Marketing

Sticking out in a crowded market place is tough. Especially in today’s day and age of 140 characters or less, videos that disappear in 10 seconds, and constant barrages of Facebook status updates.

How can you stick out from all the noise?

Email marketing is still at the top of so many check lists when it comes to effective advertising and relationship development. And for good reason. Nothing has a higher ROI when it comes to marketing and getting your message across. Sadly, this is becoming less effective because, like we mentioned, the noise is…Really loud!

You may be new to the term ‘white label email marketing’ or it may be familiar to you. In this brief and informative post, we hope to shed some lights on how white label email marketing can not only increase you bottom line profits, but also get your messages out there for the world to see. Here are 4 reasons why you need white label email marketing for your business:

1. Head-To-Toe Branding
– White label allows you to send emails and communications directly to your mailing lists without the branding of the service you are using. For example, if you are using RocketResponder your subscribers will KNOW it’s an email from RocketResponder. Via the links, the email headers, etc. However with white label the branding is 100% from you. The links, the headers, the logos, the subscriptions links…Everything from head to toe in your email communication is branded to your domain and your brand.

2. Filters Are No Longer The Gatekeepers
– Arguably one of the biggest benefits to using white label is the fact that you are sending from ‘your domain’. What this means is that instead of sharing delivery reputation with tens of thousands of other marketers that are using a popular autoresponder service, you are ONE domain. One name. And one brand. This means that you get through email filters while others have to fight and claw to get their email delivered. This is huge. Because the biggest hurdle facing email marketers, is actually getting their emails READ and delivered. With white label, this is a breeze!

3. SEO Mastery In 5 Minutes Or Less
– All major autoresponder services archive each email sent. And here’s a fun fact, the majority of them point right back to the service that sent the email. All that content, user generated content, pointing right back to the autoresponder service instead of the person that actually wrote the email. White label allows you to not only generate the content, but it’s archived on the web with YOUR DOMAIN name. And guess who loves things like that….Google 😉

4. Brilliantly Professional Yet Cost Effective
– Let’s be honest, separating yourself from the competition is critical. And as we learned, with all the noise out there it’s tough to do. That’s why big companies have been using white label for years. They know that by sending email via white label gets their message into the inbox of their subscriber and looks extremely professional. Their brand, from head to toe. And they could do that because in the past, white label could cost you thousands of dollars a month. It separated the big boys from everyone else…Thank goodness for RocketResponder White Label, the playing field has been leveled for good!

With all that in mind, you can see why white label separates the marketers that walk the walk and not just talk the talk. It’s how you can become a major player in your niche without spending a second mortgage on your email marketing. This is how you build a massive brand by using email marketing that’s cost effective, results driven and brands your business and name for years to come.

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      1. thx for quick reply. I joined under the annual $20. package. I sent a support ticket but forgot that you had sent me a reply. My paypal account was frozen for 6 months and I think it just got unfrozen in March of 2017. I don’t really use paypal because of the freeze that messed up a lot of subscribers to my programs and they all wound up cancelling because I could not be paid. If I have any commissions in the future, can I get paid via Payza, STP or bitcoin?

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