One Click List Importing? Yeah, We’ve Got That!

We’ve had quite a busy summer here at RocketResponder!

First we introduced savvy email marketers to White Label and made state of the art professional email marketing available to any one! No need to spend thousands on your own servers and email software, with White Label, you can leverage the power of professional email marketing right from your RocketResponder account.

Next we added Facebook Funnel which allowed members to capitalize off the massive potential of building your lists through Facebook advertising.

And finally, last month we added Lead Page our in shop squeeze and lead page generator. Which is included in every RocketResponder account and allows you to make stunning visual sites with a simple drag and drop editor.

So how do we end the summer?

We introduce One-Click List Importing!

one click list import

Why the need for list importing?

Not only was this one of the most sought after features for our service, but we didn’t want our customers to have to jump thorough hoops to get their lists imported.

No matter what the source, you can now upload your source file for your lists and presto…One click and you are good to go!

Unlimited lists, unlimited subscribers!

The hassle members had to go through before was too much. So instead we created this service to be at your service anytime you need it.

It doesn’t get easier than that!

Be sure to log into your RocketResponder account now and try it out. You never need to send in support tickets again to get your lists imported. One click, that’s all there is to it 🙂

Phew…..It’s been a busy summer….

I wonder what we have planned next for the fall 🙂 Stay tuned!

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