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RocketResponder For Business – Focus on Jewelry Designer Carla Garro

RocketResponder For Business: When you meet Carla Garro from Lita Sea Glass Jewelry, two things become immediately clear.

Firstly she is a very talented jewelry designer and secondly there is absolutely no doubt that customer satisfaction is a huge priority for Carla.

Carla makes unique, hand-crafted designs featuring beautiful sea glass and has a growing customer-base of fans who are delighted with the quality and beauty of the jewelry she produces. (more…)

Email Marketing For Lawyers

Email Marketing For Lawyers

The relationship between lawyer and client is one of trust and discretion.

The problem is that for many, when seeking a new lawyer, it is difficult to know who to trust with your legal problems.

Not only that, but it can be hard to work out whether the lawyer you are considering is actually good at their job or is someone you will want to trust and open up to.

As a lawyer you want people to trust you and you have only a short time to win people over before they consider moving onto the next name on their list. (more…)

Email Marketing For Doctors

Email Marketing For Doctors

Patient care is about more than just treating the medical needs of people…it is also about understanding them as people and as individuals.

Many patients want to be reassured that not only are you good at what you do, but that you have good people skills too and take an interest in their lives.

In an ideal world you could spend as much time as you would like with any given patient, but time pressures are very real and there is often not enough hours in the day to get everything done as it is.

It may not sound obvious at first…but this is where email marketing for doctors can really come into its own. (more…)

Email Marketing For Dentists

Email Marketing For Dentists

When it comes to dentistry there is generally one major obstacle to overcome…patients don’t generally look forward to a trip to the dentist.

Some will wait until they are in so much pain they can put if off no longer while others will go if they have to but will always look for excuses not to.

As a dentist, overcoming the reluctance of a large percentage of your target market is often the first hurdle you will need to overcome when building up and sustaining your client base. (more…)