Email Marketing For Doctors

Email Marketing For Doctors

Patient care is about more than just treating the medical needs of people…it is also about understanding them as people and as individuals.

Many patients want to be reassured that not only are you good at what you do, but that you have good people skills too and take an interest in their lives.

In an ideal world you could spend as much time as you would like with any given patient, but time pressures are very real and there is often not enough hours in the day to get everything done as it is.

It may not sound obvious at first…but this is where email marketing for doctors can really come into its own. (more…)

Email Marketing For Dentists

Email Marketing For Dentists

When it comes to dentistry there is generally one major obstacle to overcome…patients don’t generally look forward to a trip to the dentist.

Some will wait until they are in so much pain they can put if off no longer while others will go if they have to but will always look for excuses not to.

As a dentist, overcoming the reluctance of a large percentage of your target market is often the first hurdle you will need to overcome when building up and sustaining your client base. (more…)

Email Marketing For Churches

More and more churches are discovering that email marketing is a fast, efficient and really cost-effective way of getting their message across to their congregations.

Email marketing for churches allows your church to reach more people than ever before, which will help both to attract new members and keep existing members informed and in touch with what is going on.

Simple, modern communication.

RocketResponder is an automated email service which has been designed with with churches in mind. We have set up a communications solution that is easy to understand, simple to use, very cost effective and highly efficient.


Email Marketing For Restaurants

email marketing for restaurantsThere are some customers who are regulars and others who may visit your restaurant only once or twice in their lives.

By using email marketing, it is possible increase your profits from both of these groups by encouraging your regular and occasional customers to come back and eat with you more often.

Quite often, eating out is a rather spur-of-the-moment decision and the choice of venue can be surprisingly random.

“Let’s try that new restaurant in town,” or “I fancy eating out somewhere” are commonly heard phrases when it comes to eating out.

Your job as a restaurant owner or manager is to encourage people to come to your restaurant when they are considering eating out.

This task is made so much easier if your potential diners are actually thinking about your restaurant…and that is where using an automated email marketing service like RocketResponder comes in.

By sending emails directly to people’s inboxes, containing information about your current offers, specials, discounts, deals and menus, your potential customers have your establishment at the forefront of their minds.

RocketResponder - Email Marketing for Restaurants and Restaurant Owners

But isn’t this spam?

Well if you just randomly target individuals with your marketing messages then it is spam, but if you get their permission to contact them then it is not.

The good news is that it is surprisingly easy to get people’s permission for you to email them with your news and offers about your restaurant.

Many of your customers would welcome the chance of receiving regular emails from you…all they need is for you to ask.

How it works?

Customers sign up to your RocketResponder subscriber list, where they can receive a series of emails about your business. What is so great about this system, is that as soon as anyone new joins your list, they get the emails you have already written.

There is amazing time efficiency here because you write the emails once and then they go out to everyone who signs up, without anyone ever being missed out.

In addition each time you have something new to say – such as introducing a new menu or a seasonal offer – then you write just one email and it goes to everyone on your subscriber list.

You can encourage people to sign up in many different ways. Some tried and trusted methods include having an opt in form on your website where you ask people to leave their name and email address in order to receive news and offers from you.

Add an email sign up form to comment cards you present to diners with their checks, on your menus and with take away orders. Asking diners to subscribe to your list when they book online is also another great way of adding subscribers to your list.

Remember that everyone who is on your list is there because they want to receive offers from you. They are inviting you to tell them more about your restaurant and why they should come back again to sample your food.

By using email marketing in this way you can nurture a growing base of repeat customers and this is great because it will help increase your income and profit.

Repeat and regular customers have zero cost of acquisition and can often act as unpaid sales members as they are the most likely group of people to recommend your restaurant to friends, co-workers and family members.

RocketResponder has been designed to be simple and easy to use and it also allows you to send out stunning emails without needing any design skills at all.

You can import pictures of your food to our drag and drop template system and use both words and pictures to sell your restaurant and tempt customers back again.

Rocket Responder - Email Marketing for Restaurants

With RocketResponder you will never have to rely on the hope that your customers will somehow come back on their own. Instead you will give them that gentle push that may be all that is required to have them return time and time again.

Remember that you can also use email marketing to ask for feedback, promote your social media sites, conduct quick polls and surveys, send out tips and advice and send out exclusive offers for your subscribers.

RocketResponder is like having a sales person who works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and who never gets tired.

Learn more about how RocketResponder can help your restaurant bring in more customers  – Email Marketing For Restaurants.